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DSLR Training

"Learning is a process that isn't complete until a skill is developed or a behavior is changed"

—Pete Nunweiler - How Much Water Do We Have?: 5 Success Principles to Conquer Any Challenge and Thrive in times of change.

Lesson Plan

The Exposure Triangle


Shutter Speed



Depth of Field

Affects on Lighting

Composition: The Rule of Thirds

Camera Settings


Shutter Priority

Aperture Priority


each one-hour session(up to 2 people)

$100.00 due when scheduling.

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My love for photography started in 2009 on my honeymoon in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in East Tennessee. Like most, I took snapshots everywhere I could to capture the waterfalls, the landscape, the beauty, and mostly, the memories.

I saw stunning photographs of waterfalls in the shops and visitor's centers and developed a deep-rooted desire to capture similar images. After a bit of research, I determined there was only one way to capture the photos like I wanted. I had to get my camera off the Automatic setting and switch it to Manual to have total control of the scene. Every day after, I spent time learning, what I now know, is the exposure triangle, which includes a delicate balance between ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. Since then, I've had photos published in magazines and offer fine art prints for sale at

A few years later, I expanded to portraits, and studio photography and had no idea I had stepped into a whole new world when I added studio lights, special effects and eventually, played with dry ice, a fog machine and smoke bombs. Now, photography is my full-time job under Nunweiler Photography for landscape prints and Photographs and Impressions for portraits.

Before I broke away from Corporate America to build my own business, I spent nine years as a Corporate Trainer and, eventually, a Training Manager with a team of nine incredibly talented Learning Instructors who were responsible for developing individual job skills and ongoing training of more than 600 employees. Now, I'm bringing the expertise of training and photography together in classes, offered by Photographs and Impressions. I'm confident that, together, we will take your hobby to the next level and you will develop skills that make your photography even better than it already is. Let's do this.


Pete Nunweiler

Owner of Nunweiler Photography and Photographs and Impressions.

Pete Nunweiler Owner of Photographs and Impressions and Nunweiler Photography.