Boudoir Myth 1 - "I have to be naked."

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing lingerie, a potato sack, or nothing at all. The main purpose of Boudoir photography is to empower the subject. That's you. It's not to make you uncomfortable. There is only one person who dictates how far you need to go with your shoot in order to reveal your inner goddess, and that is you. You don’t have to jump up and down on the bed tearing apart a feather pillow in your birthday suit to feel empowered, though if you choose to do so you will not be judged for it.

I've had countless clients tell me they love my portfolio and they have always wanted to do a boudoir photo session, but they consider themselves extremely conservative. When you first decide you want to do a session with Photographs and Impressions, we will complete a questionnaire over the phone. Question 5 reads:

How revealing would you like your portraits? (Conservative, Lingerie Only: no implied or any type of nudity, Implied Nudity: covered by angles, shadows, posing, a sheet, or Tastefully Exposed)?

Below are examples of each. This session is for YOU! Your photographer will never suggest photos less conservative than you defined in the questionnaire. With Photographs and Impressions, you are always the boss when it comes to photographs of your body.

Look for Myth # 2 soon, "But I DO NOT have a perfect body."

Conservative (lingerie with coverup)

Lingerie Only

Implied Nudity

Tastefully Exposed