Boudoir Myth #2 - "I'm Not Perfect"

Yes, you are! Who you are in this very moment is exactly who you should be as you begin this journey. I’ve photographed every age, size, shape, color, whatever, and the results are always gorgeous. There are too many things in this life that we choose not to experience because we don’t match societies beauty standards. Boudoir photography will help release the chains that bind you, and you will see that anything is possible!

"Anything?" you ask? Yes -- within reason and the core art of boudoir photography. What you shouldn't expect is for post processing of your photos to fit you in societies shallow-minded box of beauty. You are beautiful, just the way you are. As we said in Part 1, These photos and results are for you. At Photographs and Impressions, we understand that there are some aspects of your body that you are sensitive about. Regardless of what others think, if you are sensitive about that scar on your left thigh, or you believe Earth's gravity has treated you poorly over the years, we can deemphasize those areas by using camera angles, shadows, cover-ups or poses. When you reserve a boudoir session with us, our first step is to go over a questionnaire. Question 7 asks the following:

Is there anything that you would like me to minimize, conceal, or otherwise de-emphasize?

That's not for your photographer to decide. It's your body, your photo session and your decision of what you want hidden. Below are a few examples of what your photographer can accomplish during the session.

Use a coverup

Pose on your stomach

Shadows to de-emphasize

Composition of the photo