Boudoir Myth #3 - "I'll be judged."

Let's just be honest with ourselves. We are our toughest critics. Sometimes, it's difficult to accept compliments. I can't tell you how many times I've complimented someone, simply by stating, "You really look great," and the response is something like, "I woke up late and just threw my hair up this morning, but thanks for saying that."

When a woman responds like that, two things happen in an instant. I feel like she believes I'm just being nice, but don't really mean it. It also makes me feel sad that she can't see how good she really looks.

The first time I witnessed the purpose of my art, the woman sincerely shocked me. I only hope it wasn't obvious. A couple days after a boudoir session, I completed all post-processing of the photos. When I presented the results to her, she shed a tear. I'm not talking about an ugly sob where she couldn't breathe, but a heart felt, emotional tear. For a second, I was scared that she hated the photos, then she muttered, "Wow, I really am pretty."

My heart sank and I knew I had to continue my work. If my artistic representation of her pleased her toughest critic, the same can happen with others.

Your shoot will be exactly what you want it to be, I’m there as a facilitator, and to capture it in the art of photography. I do not judge. but there is naturally an element of sexuality to it. When it comes to something so incredibly personal, there are bound to be feelings of vulnerability and the fear of being judged. Your photographer will do everything they can to capture your sensuality and sexuality. Above all, the photo session should be fun. It's incredibly rewarding when I can capture a genuine smile during a session.

In closing, it is not for anyone but you to decide what makes you feel like a goddess. Besides, nobody will see these photographs unless you choose to share them. They can be your little secret!

We'll cover that in the next entry when we bust myth #4, "Everyone will see my photographs."