Boudoir Myth #4 - "Everyone Will See My Photos

This couldn't be farther from the truth. As the client, YOU decide what we can use for promotional purposes. After your shoot is over, you will go through the photographs and choose your favorites, but you will also choose if there are any photographs you are willing to let me use for my portfolio and for other promotional use such as Facebook and my web site. I require explicit permission in writing before I post a boudoir photograph online. If you decide you do not want your photographs posted online then this is completely fine too. They are your pictures to do with as you see fit. We shoot a lot of our promo work with willing models for this reason!

When you choose Photographs and Impressions for your boudoir session, there are two places on the contract to sign. The first allows us to take your photos at all. That would be the same with any style photography with a person as the subject. A second signature is optional on our contract under the section, "Model Release."

Conservative, Lingerie Only, Implied Nudity and/or Tastefully Exposed
Conservative, Lingerie Only, and/or Implied Nudity (Covered by angles, poses, etc.)
Conservative and/or Lingerie Only
Conservative (Sexy clothing or lingerie with a cover-up)

If you don't sign any of them, we won't publish your photos to anyone but you with a password protected gallery. This is completely different than the questionnaire before we started. The questionnaire asks what photos you want taken. The contract gives us permission to publish them to anyone other than you. For example, perhaps you're not so conservative and want some photos where you are tastefully exposed, but you don't want those out on the internet, so you only sign the last line of the contract. We'll take your nude photos that you'll have access to, but only use the conservative ones in our portfolio or promotional material. We've photographed far more subjects than we are permitted to use publicly. Below are a few photos of one of the models we hired when many clients wanted to keep their photos private.

If you're still hesitant, the last myth should give you enough comfort to call us to schedule your session. Watch for the next myth, "But I don't have a partner to do these for."

Outdoor Conservative with Fog Machine

Tastefully Exposed Outdoor Boudoir

Lingerie Only Boudoir

Implied Nudity (She was wearing the same red outfit as the photo to the left)