"I Don't Have Someone to Do This For."

Yes, you do! These photographs are for YOU above all else. Sure, lots of people have these sessions done so that they can give their partner a gift he/she will never forget, and of course that’s a wonderful idea. However, first and foremost, a boudoir photo session is a gift to YOU!

Several of our clients were single at the time of the photo session. Two ladies that had been best friends since grade school did a photo session together that turned out phenomenal. I recall one that was recovering from a recent breakup. He made her believe she was less than she was. Another client recommended us to her. At first, she thought her friend crazy. Why would she do a boudoir session when she clearly wasn't enough for her ex? I believe her response was something like, "This is for you and you alone. Just do it. You'll see." Her photos turned out amazing.

If you do have a significant other that you want to do this for, we have that covered, too. In our questionnaire that was mentioned in previous blog posts, Question 8 asks,

"If you're doing this for your partner, what features would they say they love about you?"

I've had one wear a Cubs jersey. Another's husband was going through law school so she brought a gavel. Someone else brought handcuffs, yet another wanted their hands tied together with a satin belt from a robe. We added a necklace to the scene and the results were stunning. Here's an idea. Bring him with you. You can do a Couples Boudoir Session.

Ultimately, our goal is to bring out your beauty that already exists. We aim to emphasize the features you love about yourself and hide the ones you don't. It's incredibly empowering to do a boudoir session. Celebrate your sass. Call us today or use the contact link below. Here are some of our testimonials:

"It can be difficult to find a photographer that makes you feel truly comfortable. I would recommend Photographs and Impressions to all my friends and family."

"Had a great fun experience during my photo shoot yesterday. The pictures turned out perfect. I couldn't be happier."

"Very professional and respectful. They know the perfect angles to capture everything perfectly."