Preparing for your boudoir session might be one of the most important aspects for a successful photo session that we know you'll absolutely love. You may feel some level of anxiety. Maybe from excitement, maybe for some other reason.

The best way to rid yourself of nerves before an event that makes you anxious is to be totally prepared. If your boudoir photo shoot has you feeling a little intimidated, you can rest easy knowing your boudoir experience is going to be a fabulous one. Following just a few simple tips to prepare for your shoot will have you feeling glamorous and confident! There are seven tips to prepare.

Haircuts and Waxing

In the week leading up to your appointment make sure you do all the things that make you feel the most confident about your appearance. If you like a fresh haircut, a root touch up, or an eyebrow wax be sure to schedule these things about a week before your photo shoot. This gives you time to adjust any inconsistencies or mistakes in your hair cut before the big day. If you're planning to have any other waxing done, make sure you do this several days before your shoot to eliminate any lingering redness.

Depending on your chosen style of photography (from conservative to artistic nude), you'll want to make sure you've addressed any places that will show up in the photographs, from grooming to piercings. As a reminder, at Photographs and Impressions, when we do our first consultation, we'll cover a questionnaire that determines how conservative (or not) your results will be. Examples are below.


Lingerie Only

Implied Nudity

Tastefully Exposed (Artistic Nude)