Digital Photo Restoration

Some believe that printing photographs is an ancient practice from former generations long past. That might be true in some cases, but restoring old printed photographs into a modern digital format is as hot as it's ever been. This web site alone had over 200 hits in one month. Can you believe it? One single month. And that's just Photographs and Impressions Digital Photo Restoration Service. We can't even imagine how many there have been on all the search engines combined. From simple selfie enhancement to colorizing old black and whites, the return on your investment is immeasurable.

There are many factors and options involved with the industry, and it all depends on what outcome you desire. Based on our research, few companies offer something as simple as selfie enhancement like we do. The time involved is minimal. Perhaps the environment that the selfie was taken tricked the auto white balance in a person's cell phone. A simple color correction and adjustments to contrast and tone will take little time. Our selfie enhancement services start at $10.00.

Let's go to the other extreme. You've come across an old photo album (more likely a box of jumbled photos). You see a wonderful representation of a deceased family member. There are lines in it, dust all over the image and the color (if it's recent enough to be a color photograph) has faded. The edges are dirty or even torn. But you don't notice the flaws in the photograph. At first, it takes your breath away, then a smile comes across your face. You might mutter, "Wow, I remember this." Your mind becomes a time capsule and you're little again. A grandchild is with you and asks, "Who is that, Pop-Pop?" Tears well up in your eyes as you hold the photograph in one hand and embrace the child in the other.

"That's my mom and dad."

To the child in your arms, it's just a photograph until you begin to explain, "It was Christmas morning. I was your age."

The child gasps, "You were my age, Pop-Pop?"

"Yes. I haven't always been this old."

You go on to explain ever detail of that day. From what you wore to church that morning to each present you got that year. Then the photo gets so much bigger when you describe what rooms were up the stairs. What was behind the door and where the house was in relationship to the general store and the center of town.

Digital photo restoration is not nearly as much about the photographs as it's about preserving the memories. Some day, the memories might fade, just like the image on the photograph. We'll help preserve those memories, so you can go back to a time when life was more simple and break away from today's chaos. It's the stories you tell your children and grandchildren from curled up, faded photographs that help pass your family's history to future generations.