In parts 1 through 3, we recommended to start preparing a week in advance with a haircut and any waxing you choose to do based on how revealing you want your photographs. Drink plenty of fluids. Proper hydration has a positive affect on your skin. We also mentioned testing out accessories. Today, we offer another way to prepare for your session.

Pick Out Your Wardrobe

Decide what you're going to wear at your shoot, but also what you will wear to your shoot. You'll want loose-fitting clothing to wear to your appointment, so you don't have any indentations from the elastic on your skin when it comes time for your photos. (This means AVOID wearing socks to your appointment!)

Pick things to wear for the photos that make you feel sexy. This doesn't necessarily mean you need all lingerie either. Think about how you feel in your favorite pair of jeans, your best bra, your highest heels. What makes you feel amazing?