Small Photography Business During a Pandemic

Since February, the photography business is dead for a small business like myself that was barely getting some momentum in December. Can't take pictures, can't bring in revenue. Think that will stop us? Not a chance.

I feel for small businesses that are slightly bigger than we are. The bigger we are, the more ongoing, monthly expenses we have. For those with storefronts and studios, I feel for you. Our formula to stay in business since the end of February has been simple. If there's no money coming in, there can't be money going out. With less than $50.00 in monthly fixed expenses, the reduction in the business account is very slow, which will ensure our survival when we find a new normal.

Like many small businesses, Photographs and Impressions (P&I) started out as self-funded from a personal bank account. Our initial goal was to become profitable within one year. The cost of startup, like the cost of most projects, is 3 times more expensive and takes 3 times longer than expected. Rest assured that Photographs and Impressions will be strong on the other side of this chaotic "Charlie Foxtrot" of a year.

Although, there's not much business coming in, it doesn't mean there's no business coming in. We had the pleasure recently to do a family photo shoot that was partnered with a hike in the woods at Fort Harrison State Park. Mom, Dad, their Son and some of their extended family met P&I on Friday evening. The shade of the woods made a perfect setting for the session. By the time we made our way around to the back side of Douglas Lake, the sun was setting. We photographers call it "golden hour." It's that time during sunset that the sun casts its golden light on our sliver of the globe. See the full gallery here.


Saturday was just as exciting. Enter a birth mother and adopting mother into Falls Park in Pendleton, IN. What an incredible opportunity. We stalked the web for a week prior to the session to find ideas for portraits; some of which, we used. Others, we looked at the scenery around us and made the best of some shady places on a bright, sunny day. See the full gallery here.


We've been here all along. As people start to come out of self-quarantine, we'll continue to be here for them. From portraits to events, headshots and boudoir, trust in us for your photography needs. Let us know what you're looking for on our Contact Us page. Photographs and Impressions; Where Memories are Captured.