There are many times we have been asked what are best things to wear for boudoir photo session? In case you are unaware, there are many great items you can choose right out of your own closet. Not every item needs to be lingerie.

Choose at least one bra and panty set. Be sure to try on items to make sure they have a proper fit before your session. You may still have some lingerie from years ago that you just have not thrown out because it is still perfectly good…however, since you have not worn it in years, it may not fit the same. Thanks for the surprises Mother Nature and Father Time.

In this four-part series, we'll give you ideas of what to wear and provide some photo examples. This first one may not apply to the session you are considering. A large portion of our clients have the sessions for their own reasons, not for a significant other.



Bring something that belongs to your guy or girl. One of his button-up shirts, a suit jacket, or even one of his ties are good options. For female partners, bring one of her robes that prompt memories of a special evening.

If you or your partner are sports fans wear a sports jersey with some knee high socks. You could even take it a step further and order their favorite team jersey with your name on it or with some other type of phrase that fits the session. Be creative. The more you put into it, the more he or she will be blown away.