In this four-part series, we're discussing what to wear for your boudoir session. You can be as conservative or bold as you want. You'll look amazing with a full robe on, a two-piece outfit or nothing at all. That's what camera angles and lighting is all about. Here are two more ideas of what to wear.


Consider if you want to enhance or reduce the focus on your breasts. If you're looking to enhance, consider a bra with built in cups, or something that lifts. If you're trying to reduce the focus or size of the girls, you might try a corset or bustier. Try them on ahead of time. if the outfit you choose smashes them against your chest, it may look unnatural and uncomfortable in the photos.

Ensure you have the proper cup size. I know that sounds crazy, but if you've lost on a few pounds, you might look better in a C cup instead of the D that you used to wear. Likewise, if you've put on a few pounds, maybe you used to be a B. Consider a C cup. You'll look far more comfortable and natural.

Be confident about your breasts. As long as there's something there at all, your photographer can use shadows and angles to give them some definition. Just because you might be a B cup, doesn't mean your girls are absent and won't show up well in your photos.



Let's just address the obvious. Legs are sexy. Do you want them to look natural and bare, or will you bring some thigh-highs or fishnets? Some bring thigh highs as part of their outfit even when they're super confident about their legs. Others, use them to hide the appearance of their legs for some reason that makes them feel less confident about themselves. Consider if you're going to wear a garter belt. When choosing thigh-highs with a garter belt, do not buy ones with the stay up ring at the top. If you're going without a garter, stay ups are a must.