In this four-part series, we're discussing what to wear for your boudoir session. You can be as conservative or bold as you want. You'll look amazing with a full robe on, a two-piece outfit or nothing at all. That's what camera angles and lighting is all about. Here are two more ideas of what to wear.


Don’t forget jewelry. A statement necklace can be cool for a few images and Bring a few choices in earrings and rings as well. Long necklaces make for great props and short colorful pieces can add drama. Body jewelry can be a great add on. Our photographers have a small collection of body jewelry, but once you've seen some possibilities with body jewelry, you might just want some for yourself anyway.



Last but not least, don’t forget to bring some killer high heels! Nude heels can go with many outfit choices. Black heels are a staple. However, anything with straps, studs or with bling is a must bring. The higher the better. Try to stay away from platform and wedges for your shoot. Heels will accentuate your legs and help with posture.

That said, if you can't walk in heels that high, don't wear heels that high. They can still be a great prop for you so bring them. At Photographs and Impressions, we feel that comfort is not only important, but vital to the results of your session. If you're not comfortable physically, it's harder to become comfortable in any other way, and we want to capture the "real" you.

To close out this series, you do not have to spend loads of money on a whole “boudoir wardrobe.” So hit up your closet and your jewelry box and you may be surprised at the items that you find that are perfect for a boudoir session.