Company Description

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Photographs and Impressions


To be an industry leader in Portrait Photography

Mission Statement

From portraits and events to fine art landscapes, we will be America's trusted choice for all photography needs.


Where memories are captured.

Business Goals and Objectives

Our first goal is to establish a reputable presence in Eastern Tennessee by building partnerships with businesses and venues including, but not limited to Wedding venues. Details included in the Marketing and Sales Strategies section.

As we establish ourselves in the local market, we aim to reach annual gross sales of $4,320. and 12 units while maintaining a client satisfaction score of 95%. The average of three questions will determine client satisfaction level. The survey will include four options: "Strongly Agree," "Agree," "Disagree," "Strongly Disagree" (Appendix A1).

I love my photographs

I would recommend the photographer

I would recommend Nunweiler Photography

Products and Services

Historically, photography has been a scavenger hunt for the consumer with a different company to answer each need. At Photographs and Impressions, we're here to fulfill all needs for photography. Currently, we do events, including weddings and reunions. We do portraits including individual, family, senior pictures, corporate headshots, casual, and boudoir and recently started offering photo restoration services and 2D digital reproductions for artists.

The future of Nunweiler Photography will also include school pictures for yearbooks, videography and print services. We will digitize prints and videos, establish a photography studio, and have a self-fulfillment service on our web site where the client can upload and print their own photographs in a variety of mediums. We're not just for the general public, either; we're here for the photographers. In our location, they will be able to purchase or rent photography equipment at a daily rate.

Our geographic focus will be around State and National Parks, and our studio portraits will feature backdrops of our fine art prints so families can have professional portraits taken to remember their visit or a specific hike to a waterfall. We'll offer classes and field workshops. We'll also be for hire to capture a family's hiking experience to a waterfall or stops along a scenic drive.

Competitive Edge

At Photographs and Impressions, we pride ourselves on having a transparent pricing structure based on the photographer’s time required for the assignment and is the same for individual portraits, or a wedding with 100 guests. We do not inflate our prices based on the perceived importance of the session or event, including, but not limited to Weddings, Prom, Engagement or Newborn.

​We have the best equipment on the market so that we can focus our attention on capturing the beauty and not the technology we use. Our clients will enjoy the highest resolution images, which allows them to maintain photographic quality at higher enlargements.

Target Market

Our target market changes based on the product or service we provide. Today, we are based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and intend to relocate to Eastern Tennessee for the greatest short-term potential. It is our long-term goal to open storefronts and studios near State and National Parks across the country.

Portrait markets change with the calendar year. See the Photography Calendar (Appendix A) for details.

Industry published the following article in September 2019:

IBISWorld forecasts that industry revenue will grow at an average annual rate of X.X% to $XX.X billion over the five years to XXXX. Despite the sharp recession and drastically shifting technological environment, the Photography industry will gradually adapt to its new landscape and slowly grow again. This growth will come about as consumers regain spending power and players begin to offer extra services beyond just photographing subjects. Digital imaging will continue to change how the industry operates, benefiting average consumers and professional photographers. Wage growth and the cost of digital technology have eaten into previously large profit margins.

Photographers will be forced to move beyond taking pictures in order to remain relevant in the era of digital cameras. Since consumers can perform most of these tasks themselves, demand for professionals has dropped sharply. As a result of these trends, demand for photo touch-up software like Photoshop will likely boom. IBISWorld projects that new product segments and business models will boost industry growth over the next five years. In particular, sports and church directory photos have outperformed the portrait market in the last five years. Even with negative revenue growth during the period, more people entered the photography market, since the work is quite attractive. Meanwhile, larger companies will likely consolidate as the market for traditional studio portraiture dries up.

Management, Organization and Legal Structure

Current management and organization structure is limited to our legal structure of a Single Member LLC. See the attached resume for Member/Owner Pete Nunweiler.




At Photographs and Impressions, we’re creative. We offer more than a simple portrait photograph. With owner, Pete Nunweiler as the primary photographer, and only expanding to portraits in early 2019, he has experience with studio and outdoor sessions, including weddings, receptions, family reunions, headshots, family portraits, individuals, maternity, newborn, senior pictures, couple’s prom pictures, holiday photos, product photography,, real estate photography, marketing photography, boudoir and artistic nude. His styles include low key, high key, dramatic and has worked with dry ice and smoke bombs. In addition, he did a photo shoot with extensive post-processing for a book cover.

Business Acumen

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, owner Pete Nunweiler worked in a professional environment for a Fortune 500 company as a Regional Training Manager, Trainer, Supervisor and Technical Support. In his management career, he was involved in, and led strategic plans through the company’s most challenging change in its 45-year history. He is also the author of the book How Much Water Do We Have: 5 Success Principles to Conquer Any Challenge and Thrive in Times of Change.

Established Practices

While we researched the market to set our base prices, we found that there’s not an obvious pattern for pricing for photographs. Boudoir photography is more expensive than family portraits. Other elevated costs are linked to perceived higher important events, like weddings and prom photos. One of the foundations of our business is that we do not elevate our costs based on how important the event or session might be. Our session prices are based on a standard rate and multiplied by set hours for each hour of photography. For example, a one-hour photo session includes one hour of preparation, one-half hour of setup, one hour of photography, one-half hour of tear down and three hours of post-processing. Since a one-hour session involves a total of six hours, our set price of $60.00 per hour results in a total cost for a one-hour session of $360.00 and produces an average of 40 photographs. When adding a one hour to the session, the result is an additional hour of post-processing for a cost of $480.00. Competitively, the sitting fee for some portraits is $100.00 and for boudoir, is as much as $400.00, which doesn’t include prints or digital copies.


We use the best cameras on the market to date, which allows us to focus on our results rather than the technical quality of the capture.

Financial Strength

Photographs and Impressions is an entirely debt-free company, other than what was personally funded to start up the business. Startup expenses reached $23,824.00. In two years, $9,519.22 (40%) has been paid back and no personal funds have been transferred to the business account since July of 2019.



Although we have obtained much experience since expanding to portraits in early 2019, we’re still a very young company.



To overcome our lack of experience, there is much opportunity to utilize marketing to make Photographs and Impressions the name people think of when they consider a photo session.


When we relocate to East Tennessee, we will need to focus heavily on networking with wedding venues, cabin companies, real estate companies, and more. Our first order of business after relocation is to join the local Chamber of Commerce as an active member.


The global pandemic presents a viable threat to our success. Our goal is to remain a debt-free organization so that unexpected threats, like the pandemic that has resulted in the closure of many small businesses, will have minimal negative impact on business continuity of Photographs and Impressions.