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Our Story

Nunweiler Photography is an amazing married couple who fell in love with the mountains of Tennessee during their honeymoon in 2009. Since then, they’ve taken every opportunity to capture the beauty of nature as they see it, specializing in the elegance of waterfalls.

After every shooting location, they take a moment to put their cameras away before the return hike. It’s quite common to find Pete with his arms around Kris as they gaze at the scene in front of them. A stranger who crossed their path in the Dupont State Forest near Brevard, NC described it best when she said, “Some things you just can’t capture on film, but you can capture it in your heart.”

Their vision for the future brightens with clarity every year. Nunweiler Photography will be the leading photography company in the country and will fill gaps for photography clients as well as for photographers. The all-inclusive slogan of, “For all your photography needs,” expanded their services to portraits, headshots, events, real estate and boudoir.

The vision isn’t limited to photographs and prints. They have also expanded to merchandise including coffee mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, candles, coasters and much more. “More” includes multi-genre publications. Pete is an emerging author of a self-development book, a medical memoir, a paranormal trilogy and crime thrillers. As Kris describes it, “Imagine sitting on your porch in the mountains. Listen to the birds chirp during a sunrise. Imagine the power of a distant thunderstorm rolling into the valley. Also imagine sitting in your own home. You have a candle next to you and one of Pete's books to curl up on the couch with. You read by the flicker of the candle and sip cocoa from a cup, placing it on a coaster on the end table next to you. That is what we are all about. It’s not about the print or the candle or coffee mug; it’s about the inner peace that these items bring.”

Because of their ever-growing vision, they registered a dba that Kris refers to when she finishes, “That’s what Photographs and Impressions is all about. Letting the stresses of life fall away and take a moment for yourself.”

Whether you need to amaze your clients with professional headshots, woo your spouse with boudoir, sell your house, or enjoy fine prints as wall art or on household items, Photographs and Impressions can meet your needs. We’d be honored to have your business. Check out our packages and prices here.

Outdoor Winter portrait photograph of a couple in the smoky mountains by photographs and impressions.

Pete and Kris Nunweiler



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"Had a GREAT and fun experience with a photoshoot yesterday with Pete. We couldn't be anymore happier with our pictures and the quality of how they turned out! Very much amazed and we absolutely LOVE them! Pete was down to earth and listened to what we wanted and captured many good photos."

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