Company Description


Capturing the beauty of the world

​Mission Statement

We will be America’s trusted industry leader for all photography needs by offering a range of services including fine art décor, portraits, events, real estate, photo restoration, print to digital and 2D art reproduction.


Where memories are captured.

​Business Goals and Objectives

Our first goal for landscape photography is to partner with a photo or art gallery to get a print in their gallery. Initially, our goal is to sell one large format landscape print per quarter.

Products and Services

​All products are outlined in the Products/Services section

Competitive Edge

Target Market

Our target market changes based on the product or service we provide. Today, we are based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and intend to relocate to Eastern Tennessee for the greatest short-term potential. It is our long-term goal to open storefronts and studios near State and National Parks across the country.

Geographic Areas: 100 Miles radius from:

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Transylvania County, NC

Cookeville, TN

Watkins Glen State Park, NY

Specific Targets

Professional Offices

Property managers

Cabin Owners

Industry published the following article in September 2019:

IBISWorld forecasts that industry revenue will grow at an average annual rate of X.X% to $XX.X billion over the five years to XXXX. Despite the sharp recession and drastically shifting technological environment, the Photography industry will gradually adapt to its new landscape and slowly grow again. This growth will come about as consumers regain spending power and players begin to offer extra services beyond just photographing subjects. Digital imaging will continue to change how the industry operates, benefiting average consumers and professional photographers. Wage growth and the cost of digital technology have eaten into previously large profit margins.

Photographers will be forced to move beyond taking pictures in order to remain relevant in the era of digital cameras. Since consumers can perform most of these tasks themselves, demand for professionals has dropped sharply. As a result of these trends, demand for photo touch-up software like Photoshop will likely boom. IBISWorld projects that new product segments and business models will boost industry growth over the next five years. In particular, sports and church directory photos have outperformed the portrait market in the last five years. Even with negative revenue growth during the period, more people entered the photography market, since the work is quite attractive. Meanwhile, larger companies will likely consolidate as the market for traditional studio portraiture dries up.

Management, Organization and Legal Structure

Current management and organization structure is limited to our legal structure of a Single Member LLC. See the attached resume for Member/Owner Pete Nunweiler.