Common Fears and Concerns with Boudoir Photos

Many women have concerns and fears when trying to decide whether or not to book a boudoir session. These fears are very common and unfortunately, cause many women to miss out on this amazing experience. One of the things boudoir photographers hear most from boudoir clients after all is said and done is, “Every woman should experience this at least once in their lifetime!” They also get many repeat clients because after their first session, they have put those fears and concerns to rest.

Let’s look at some of the most common concerns that I hear from girls who feel a little skeptical and let’s put those fears to rest!

“I am not comfortable with my flaws.”

Let’s face it, we all have flaws! Not a single one of us is perfect. There is no such thing as too heavy, too thin, too pale, too dark, too many stretch marks, etc. Our flaws are what makes us unique. And you are ALL equally beautiful! I have flaws myself, and I can assure that I am that last one to judge any female for anything they see as a flaw. I see you as a strong badass woman who is gorgeous in her own way. I see you as a client therefore, I will go above and beyond to listen to you and help guide you the whole process while focusing on your best assets.

In the blog post, Boudoir Myths Busted - Part 2, we explained that what you see as your flaws can be hidden by camera angles, poses and shadows. I invite you to read through that entry. We also invite you to consider, "What is perfection in the female body?" Envision that standard. Now consider someone that fits that perfection.

I want to introduce another way we can hide something you consider a flaw. Post processing. Perhaps on the day of the photo shoot, as luck would have it, you've grown a satellite sized pimple right in the middle of your forehead. In post processing, we can remove that completely and no one would ever know.