Gift 2: Jump Drive

If your love is constantly on his computer, or just a techie in general, a customizable jump drive is a great, low budget and practical gift. What we’ve noticed about guys, is that they never get around to printing photos. So, snag the USB and print off a few favorites and sneak them into places he’ll look. Avid reader? Sneak it into the next chapter of his book or behind the first fold of the newspaper. Some of my other favorites are putting a photo in his briefcase/suitcase, above the car visor, in the gym bag, in a clothes drawer and in his shaving kit. The possibilities are endless, and the surprise of wondering when he’ll find the next one is sexy.

At Photographs and Impressions, our standard package is very affordable and absolutely perfect for this gift. Check out our Investments and FAQ page for details. It includes a one-hour session and digital downloads at a quality that you can print up to 5 x7 at home.

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