Keepsake Box

Like we said before, guys are terrible at printing photos, so do it yourself. Matted silk prints give the photos that extra “umph” of quality. Keep a collection in a luxurious keepsake box that you love to display or can be pulled out on a whim. Even better, have a few framed in a portfolio mat and set them out on his nightstand occasionally, for the reminder of how beautiful you are and how lucky he is. The two of you knowing what is inside the keepsake box, while having it be unbeknown to others feels a little secretive and sultry.

Consider the Source

Our last suggestion is to consider who it is you are giving this gift to. If they are very conservative and would blush at the thought of anyone seeing your photo, maybe the large metal print isn’t the best choice. If they (and you) couldn’t be more proud, then post that baby up on the wall! Whatever you decide, they’re going to love it. Save the ties and button-ups for that promotion gift and do something a little saucy!