Each client has her own reason for wanting to pose for a boudoir session. And every now and then we get a client who hires us, and she is doing the shoot purely for her own pleasure. She wants to have the photos for her own appreciation of who she is, right now, at this special point in her life-whatever that may be. We love shooting those sessions.

Sometimes, our clients are looking to gift their photos to someone special in their lives. These days you can get pretty creative with how you do it.  For the next few entries, we'll offer some creative ways to gift your boudoir photos.

Gift 1: Photo Albums

The fantastic thing about photo albums or photo books, is that, no longer are they boring, generic covers with the peel-back plastic coating. These days, photo albums are highly customizable and can be made for any occasion. You can add a favorite quote or song lyric, perhaps a meaningful poem or even your wedding vows. You can even purchase smaller versions for the traveling business guy in your life. Give it to your love while wearing one of the outfits from the shoot and let him unwrap you!